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About the firm

Modern admixtures refining to concretes and mortar

The enterprise Innovative-implementive „LUBANTA” S.A. in Luboń since the year 1988 produces very well-known and widely practical in the country chemical admixtures to the concrete.

With the great satisfaction we checked in our products in all regions of the country, on constructions about the very diverse destination and different technical requirements. Re is both objects about the special meaning for the economy, eg. power stations, smelting workses, mines, bridges and viaducts, and also for the building industrial, housing-, sacral etc.

With the pride we accent permanent coming into being in the history of the construction of the Basilica Licheńska, where the tower, as the highest object about the height 142 m, became performed from the ground up from the concrete very the classiness (several thousand m3), refined exclusively our resources.

There gladdens us the increasing interest of receivers with our admixtures and more and more wider their usage, both by large and renowned enterprises, as and completely small builder′s firms. It proved so that in case of „Lubanta’s” products the saying: „good, because Polish” comes true!

Produced by us admixtures of the new generation about the complex activity do not retire with the quality to products about the similar destination, offered by renowned westerly firms , instead often top it with considerably greater technological effects and always let on high savings in the production of concretes and mortars.

All our admixtures possess indispensable Technical Approvals of the Institute Of The Structural Engineering, The Research Institute of Ways and Bridges, and were some also additionally by Central Development Centre the Industry of Concretes„CEBET”certificated. The running inspection of our production conducts the independent chemistry laboratory in Poznań, besides supervisory services of our Main Technologist of the Production

The enterprise Lubanta S.A. possesses the certificate IN Institutional Production control

given by the Institute Of The Structural Engineering the Certyfication Institution.


Our admixtures often were an object of many affirmative elaborations scientific-technical, eg. the Institute of mineral builder′s Materials in Cracow, Engineering colleges of Poznań, Polish Academy of Sciences and other units scientific-investigative. We possess also elaborations from large firms using our resources in the everyday production of pecks of the concrete. In marketing analyses concerning the market of admixtures in Poland, we are reckoned of the compact advance party of best firms in this line.

We cooperate also with builder′s laboratories:

  • „Hydrobudowa-1, the Concrete-mixing works-the Laboratory” in Warsaw, tel/the fax (0-22)811-46-11
  • The independent Builder′s Laboratory „the Kind of card game -Konin” in the Horse meat, tel/the fax (0-63)242-26-37
  • The laboratory of Concretes „Hydrobudowa -9” in Poznań, tel. (0-61) 893-47-85
  • The Road-laboratory of the General Management of national Ways and Highways, the Squad {Department} in Poznań, tel. (061)820-45-23

The realization of orders takes place in the system: today the order - tomorrow the delivery!

Our products we offer in wrappings after 2,5,10,20 and 30litres, in casks 210litres, in palette-containers 1000 litres, and we bring with tanks about the capacity 9.000 litres and 10.500 litres in emitted chambers after 2.250litres, or 2.500litres.

Admixtures „LUBANTA” are a guarantee of low costs and
the high grade of concretes!

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