The complex admixture plastifyingly- retardatory to the concrete

The Technical approval IBDiM No. AT/2005-04-0811
The Hygienic certificate PZH No. HK/B/2613/01/97
PN-EN 934-2 the Admixture to the concrete, mortar and the leaven. Definitions and requirements 

LUBET-C is a modern plasticiser plastifyingly-retardatory about the activity to complex. Especially recommended is to the production of concretes of goods, transported on further distances, especially in the summer-period Perfectly it is fitted for concretes of goods usual, waterproof and frost-proof. Is priced favourably within the range protections of the steel-armament. 

Basic activities of the admixture on the concrete are following:

  • well it plastifies the concrete-mixture , makes possible the reduction of the water needs to make a mixture approx. 10 %
  • retards the bond without the change of the consistency of the concrete-mixture
  • retards the growth of the endurance in the warming-up period and considerably increases the final endurance , especially in elongated time-limits
  • the waterproofness improves, frost-proof and absorbability of the concrete

LUBET-C makes easy the production, the transport and the arrangement of all structural concretes usual and special, in this of goods transported on considerable distances, at the elongated time of the processing, especially in the summer-period . Besides:

  • makes possible the delay of the bond to several hours
  • recommended is everywhere there, where exists the necessity of the elongated time of the processing, evenat high temperatures of the environment and the concrete-mixture
  • especially recommended to concreting of large concrete-massifs
  • makes possible disboarding already the morrow
  • in the period of lowered temperatures, on account the elongated bond disboarding becomes late, however after the end of the bond follows the dynamic increase of the endurance

LUBET-C complies in quantities from 0,5 to 1 % mass of the cement, the optimum-dosage shoul be fix severally, depending on the destination.it well cooperates with all kinds of cements, and in case of the addition of ashes to the concrete. In case of the condensation of the mixture, eg. during the damage halt of the concrete mixer in the route or on the builds ,recommends the flux of the concrete with the not large quantity SKORBET ( additional mixing in the concrete mixer for several minutes on quick turns of the stirring apparatus). 
For the specificity of the activity one does not foresee the simultaneous (besides Skorbet) dosage LUBET-C with other admixtures of„LUBANTA”. 
Overdosage of given quantity LUBET-C will cause no negative results, besides the very late beginning of the process of the bond. In such situation the concrete one ought carefully to protect before the vaporization of the water and to hold in the moist state to the time of the entire end of the bond. 
After the end of the bond follows the very fast increase of the endurance of the concrete, and the endurance final does not become lowered, but follows the usually considerable increase.


The material resources the water salt solution organic and inorganic
The form of the admixture liquid
The colour bright
The density 1,17 +/- 0,02
Power hydrogen from 5,5 to 7,5
The delivery
The storage
the protection before the insolation, the persistence - year cans from the material 20litres, the cask 200 litres, palette-containers after 1000 litres, the delivery margin with tank trucks.
Work safety regulations The article can cause the irritation of mucous membranes, skins and eyes, In case of wetting eg. hands or faces to wash off warm the water with the soap. In case of the consumption to cause vomiting to give to the victim potable the glass of the water or the milk to get the medical consultation , In case of the dirt of eyes to rinse with cold water holding gaping eyelids at least 15 minutes to get the medical consultation , One courts to use the clothing, gloves and goggles, It recommends to protect before the access of children

All stages of the manufacturing process of LUBET-C subjected are the qualitative tight control by own technological services of the Producer.

The information included in the present Card of the Product have a general character. Recommendations regarding applies our mixtures and awaited effects are result of many research and implementation and the experience of long standing practical.However these advices have not the binding legal force and because of that it does not exempt our receivers from the independent settlement of optimum-quantities of admixtures (with the regard of the real quality of possessed materials, their usefulnesses and the correct cooperation), in the adaptation to foreseen uses.

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