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Withoutchloride admixture to mortars

The Hygienic certificate PZH No. HK/B/0560/05/2004
PN-EN 934-2 the Admixture to the concrete, mortar and the leaven. Definitions and requirements 

EKONBET-OZ is withoutchloride admixture in the form of the emulsion to mortars causing the considerable prolongation of their vitality, i.e. the time of the usefulness to the waste, at the simultaneous very profitable influence on parameters mechanical and physical of the scleroticmortar. Is priced favourably within the range protections of the steel-armament. 

Basic activities of the admixture on mortar are following:

  • there acts fluxingly and aerationaly strongly retards the beginning and the end of the bond mortar.
  • lets on the success of the high endurance mortar on the compression and their large of frost-proof

EKONBET-OZ instructed is especialy to the exercise of mortars about the long vitality, what makes possible their usage, and especially the storage depending on the ambient temperature even to 36 hours, at the dosage of the admixture average 1% with relation to of the mass of the cement. 
The compo is very well mineable. 
The use EKONBETU makes possible the elimination of the practical lime to the improvement gettabilities mortar.

EKONBET-OZ complies in quantities from 0,8 to 1,4 % with relation to of the mass of the cement. 
There can be practical also in negative temperatures to –6 Celcius The admixture, before measuring in the suitable quantity to mortar one ought carefully to blend in the industrial wrapping for the obtainment of the equal emulsion. It recommends the dosage of the admixture simultaneously with the water needs to make a mixture, or direct to mixers. 
Stored in the container the ready mortar with EKONBET-OZ intended to the use in the later time-limit, eg. the morrow it should be to cover with the foil or with the tarpaulin, and before the beginning of building it should be to mix by hand, eg. by means of of the trowel.. Lying mortar does not emit the water and does not surrender the segregation.


The material resources the water solution of the resin of melamine-of formaldehyde
The form of the admixture liquid
The colour bright
The density 1,190 - 1,1950
Power hydrogen 6,5 - 7,5
The delivery 
The storage
the protection before the insolation, the persistence - year containers from the material about capacity 5 or 10 litres.
Work safety regulations The article can cause the irritation of mucous membranes, skins and eyes, In case of wetting eg. hands or faces to wash off warm the water with the soap. In case of the consumption to cause vomiting to give to the victim potable the glass of the water or the milk to get the medical consultation , In case of the dirt of eyes to rinse with cold water holding gaping eyelids at least 15 minutes to get the medical consultation , One courts to use the clothing, gloves and goggles, It recommends to protect before the access of children

All stages of the manufacturing process of EKONBET-OZ subjected are the tight control qualitative by own technological services of the Producer.

The information included in the present Card of the Product have a general character. Recommendations regarding applies our mixtures and awaited effects are result of many research and the experience of long standing practical. However these advices have not the binding legal force and because of that it does not exempt our receivers from the independent settlement of optimum-quantities of admixtures (with the regard of the real quality of possessed materials, their usefulnesses and the correct cooperation), in the adaptation to foreseen uses.

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