The complex admixture fluxingly -- accelerating - airentramently to the concrete.

The legal basis of the admittance to the usage in the building:

  • PN-EN 934-2 the Admixture to the concrete, the mortar and the leaven. Definitions and requirements

SKORBET-N is a very an effective superplasticiser fluxingly-accelerating having in his own composition the factor airentramently which lets on the introduction to the concrete-mixture closed spherical pores causing the height of frost-proof and absorbable without the fall of the endurance. Especially recommended is in the concrete-prefabrication and to high-grade concretes. Makes possible the leadership of concrete-works in periods of negative temperatures of the air to - 30 C.


  • strongly plastifies the concrete-mixture , makes possible the reduction of the water needs to make an admixture about approx. 20% - 25%.
  • accelerates the growth of the endurance in the warming-up period and increases the final endurance
  • the waterproofness improves and absorbability of the concrete

SKORBET-N makes easy the production, the transport and the arrangement of all structural concretes usual and special, in this of goods, and practical in the concrete-prefabrication. Besides:

  • makes possible quick forming of prefabricated elements and elements of shutterings.
  • recommended to constructions of reinforced concrete about the quick circulation of formworks foundation-alloys , columns, foundations under machines
  • at the suitable use of materials - to of dispensing makes possible the realization of concretes about the very large liquidity, in this of concretes selfcondensed
  • makes possible the production so called high-grade concretes to 100 MPa (especially with the use of the microsilica), permits also free concreting in temperatures lowered to -30C

SKORBET-N complies from 0,5 to 2,0 % masses of the cement, the optimum-dosage one ought to fix severally. Well it cooperates with all kinds of cements, however in the prefabrication courts the neat cement CEM And 32,5R and 42,5R. Good results one obtains in the concrete of goods with the use of cheaper cements with additionals or adding ashes. In case of the condensation of the mixture, eg. during the damage halt of concrete mixer on the build, courts the additional flux of the concrete with the not large quantity SKORBET-N(additional mixing in concrete mixer by several minutes on quick turnovers of the stirring apparatus).


The material resources the Water solution of the resin of melaminely of formaldehyde
The form of the admixture liquid
The colour bright
The density 1,15+/-0,02
Power hydrogen 8±1
The storage the Protection before the insolation, the durability 1 year
The delivery the stockpiling cans from the material 20litres, the casks 200 litres, palette-containers after 1000 litres, the delivery margin with tank trucks.
Work safety regulations R43 Can cause the allergy in contact with the skin 
R36/38 �can irritate eyes and the skin 
S1/2 To keep under lock and key and to protect before children S26 Dirtied eyes to wash at once with a lot of the water and to consult the doctor. 
S 36/37/39 To wear the suitable protective clothing and glasses or the faceguard 
S45 In case of the damage or if badly you will feel immediately consult the doctor if this possible show the etiquette 
S 51 To use exclusively in well ventilatings rooms the Product irritating(Xi) Contain the formaldehyde

All stages of the manufacturing process SKORBET-N subjected are the qualitative tight control by own technological services.

The information contracted in the present Card of the Product have a general character. Recommendations in relation usages of our admixtures and awaited effects get out of many compositions searchingly implementlively and the experience of long standing practical. Recommendations and advices do not release our receivers from the independent settlement of optimum-quantities of admixtures (with the regard of the real quality of possessed materials, their usefulnesses and the correct cooperation), in the adaptation to foreseen uses.

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