Withoutchloride anti-frost admixture to the concrete and compoes.

The Technical approval IBDiM No. AT/2004-04-1811
The Hygienic certificate PZH No. 2/B-40/94
PN-EN 934-2 the Admixture to the concrete, the mortar and the leaven. Definitions and requirements 

ZIMOBET is an admixture withoutchloride, reactionary to the freezing of the concrete or mortar of cement and making possible the growth of the endurance in low temperatures. Makes possible the leadership of concrete-works in the period of lowered temperatures and frosts to – 6 Celsius. Practically practical is without problems even in temperatures to – 12 Celsius at elements about the greater mass of the concrete and the careful cover at once after concreting. Is priced favourably within the range protections of the steel-armament. 

Basic activities of the admixture on the concrete (or mortar) are following:

  • the decrease of the freezing point of the recent concrete
  • earlier hydration of the cement and quicker setting free of the warmth hydration
  • the acceleration of the bond of the cement and the hardening of the concrete
  • the quick obtainment of the safe endurance protecting the young concrete before the destruction
  • the additional increase of the endurance of the concrete or the mortar in time-limits above 28 days

ZIMOBET makes possible the production, the transport and the arrangement in the winter-period of all structural concretes, usual and special, of goods transported on considerable distances and practical in the concrete-prefabrication , in this to products vibro prees moulding. ZIMOBET makes possible the production of the concrete with the method of cold mixtures, what lets on considerable savings with relation to of traditional warm concrete-mixtures. The concrete with ZIMOBET does not demand the additional heating on the construction, but the only careful cover (foils, mats, tarpaulins etc.)

ZIMOBET complies on the average in the quantity 1 % to the mass of the cement. It recommends the dosage of the admixture simultaneously with the water needs to make a mixture , or direct to mixers in the final phase of the mixing of the concrete. ZIMOBET can be practical to all national cements , however most recommended during frosts are pure porlandzkie cements CEM I the symbol „R”. 

The usage of the admixture ZIMOBET does not exempt our receivers from the warnings of fundamentals leaderships of works conditioned of winter, definite in detail in the Instruction ITB 282/95. Especially one ought to remember the ruthless prohibition of the usage of the frozen aggregate and not diminutions given in the Instruction of minimum-quantities of the cement in 1 m3 of the concrete, obey of required indicators in/c, and trying covering of the recently arranged concrete. 

In case of the condensation of the mixture, eg. during the damage halt of the pear on the build, recommends the flux of the concrete SKORBET (additional mixing in the concrete mixer for several minutes on quick turns of the stirring apparatus). 

ZIMOBET is not very an effectively working plasticiser, because also in concretes about consistencies above K3 should be practical together with SKORBET. Instead in concretes about the stiff consistency K1 and K2 can be practical individually. The simultaneous usage with ZIMOBET of other admixtures „LUBANTA” demands the previous check with suitable research.


The material resources the solution of the mixture of the aliphatic amine and salts inorganic
The form of the admixture liquid
The colour bright
The density 1,30 +/- 0,02
Power hydrogen from 6 to 7
The delivery the stockpiling
The storage
the protection before the insolation, the persistence – year It will not freeze in temperatures – 20 Celsius cans from the material 20litres, the cask 200 litres, palette-containers after 1000 litres, the delivery margin with tank trucks.
Work safety regulations The article can cause the irritation of mucous membranes, skins and eyes, In case of wetting eg. hands or faces to wash off warm the water with the soap. In case of the consumption to cause vomiting to give to the victim potable the glass of the water or the milk to get the medical consultation , In case of the dirt of eyes to rinse with cold water holding gaping eyelids at least 15 minutes to get the medical consultation , One courts to use the clothing, gloves and goggles, It recommends to protect before the access of children

All stages of the manufacturing process ZIMOBET are subjected of the qualitative tight control by own technological services of the Producer.

The information included the present Card of the Product have a general character. Recommendations regarding applies our mixtures and awaited effects are results of many research and implementation and the experince of long standing practical. 
However these advices have not the binding legal force and because of that it does not exempt our receivers from the independent settlement of optimum-quantities of admixtures (with the regard of the real quality of possessed materials, their usefulnesses and the correct cooperation), in the adaptation to foreseen uses.

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