KFS-8 ®
The extract to the effacement of remainders of the concrete and mortar.

KFS-8 is a concentrated leaning aqueous solution on organic acids. In putting together with the surface of the concrete or mortar reacts with being found in them with the binder to of cement or to calcareous, causing crumbling of sclerotic remainders of the concrete or the mortar on machines, the equipment or builder′s tools. Simultaneously midpoint KFS-8 one neutralizes and decays. It does not destroy metal-parts , gums, paints and materials.

The extract KFS-8 is intended mostly to the effacement of remainders of the concrete and mortar from machines and all practical devices in the building to works concrete- and bricklayer′s.
The use KFS-8 makes possible:

  • the dry-cleaning of concrete-mixers, betonowozów, devices and builder′s tools
  • the protection before the growth of remainders of the concrete
  • the effacement of remainders of impurities mortar of cement-calcareous

1. The effacement of light impurities with the mortar or with the concrete from builder′s machines: The preparation KFS-8 to water against 1:3-5. So prepared solution to bring on drossy places with the soft brush or with the brush (not to use the shower-bath!). After approx. 30minutes to rub off and to wash away with the water. If necessary the intervention of the dry-cleaning to repeat. The optimum-proportion of the solution one ought to fix of tests depending on the size and the kind of impurities, and their age. Small builder′s tools to dip in the container with the solution KFS-8 on several minutes, then carefully to rinse and to dry or to wipe.To solutions with the use of the preparation KFS-8 to use exclusively containers from the material. 

2. The effacement of impurities strongly sclerotic from the centre of concrete-mixers. The concrete-mixer to load with the hard broken stone or with the fat grits (not to calcareous) to 1/4 capacities. Then to pour about 10 % waters and 5 % KFS-8. To switch on the concrete-mixer on about 30 minutes, and after the disconnection to leave her with the all content to the morrow. Then again to switch on on approx. 1 hour, then to empty, separating the liquid suspension from fat parts. After the entire vacation the concrete-mixer exactly to wash away with the water and to protect every day after the close-down with the suitable centre conserving to concrete-mixers. This will permit the avoidance of the renewed growth of impurities from the concrete or mortar.

After the end of the dry-cleaning of concrete-mixers, from resultant waste material one ought to separate liquid parts from fixtures, fat. Liquid parts to pour to plastic casks or containers. Because the solution surrendered to the decay, one can the resultant sewage pour eg. to the cesspool. The quantity of poured sewage should not be greater than 1 % volume of the cesspool. The entire brush-up with the zymotical method under the circumstances will not last longer than 3-4 weeks. Instead fat parts can be of service to the renewed use at the dry-cleaning eg. other concrete-mixers, or also after rinsing with the water can be used m.innymi to the concrete, to hardening of the pavement etc.


The material resources the aqueous solution on the basis of organic acids
The form of the admixture liquid
The colour dark brown
The density 1,22 - 1,25
The content of the dry mass 44 - 47 %
The acid number/the ml 0,1 m
NaOH/g in the face the phenolphthalein 45-50
The class of the toxicity V - practically not toxic
The delivery 
The storage
the protection before the insolation, the persistence - year cans from the material 20litres, the cask 200 litres, palette-containers after 1000 litres, Because KFS-8 is on the basis of organic acids , shows the acid reaction. To the time of the neutralization by the concrete or mortar (approx. 15-30 minutes) can irritate mucous membranes. One ought so at that time to use goggles, elastic gloves and the protective clothing.
Work safety regulations The article can cause the irritation of mucous membranes, skins and eyes, In case of wetting eg. hands or faces to wash off warm the water with the soap. In case of the consumption to cause vomiting to give to the victim potable the glass of the water or the milk to get the medical consultation , In case of the dirt of eyes to rinse with cold water holding gaping eyelids at least 15 minutes to get the medical consultation , One courts to use the clothing, gloves and goggles, It recommends to protect before the access of children

All stages of the manufacturing process of the preparation KFS-8 subjected are the tight control qualitative by own technological services of the Producer.

The information contracted in the present Card of the Product have a general character. Recommendations in relation usages of the preparation KFS-8 and awaited effects get out of carred out experiences and the hitherto existing practical usage. However these advices have not the binding legal force and because of that it does not our receivers from the independent settlement of the optimum-quantity of the preparation and the concentration of the working solution , and the duration of the process of the cleaning.

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